About Us

Factory DirectGLUNA are a direct-to-consumer manufacturer enterprise, which allows us to pass on the savings to end users. GLUNA Hair is one of the leading brands in the market, producing high volumes of products every year. For that reason, we enjoy economies of scale, which gives us a natural advantage to craft top quality human hair extensions for an amazing price.

100% Human HairGLUNA factory source our hair directly from verified distributors, who depend on their long-standing reputation for ethical sourcing and quality hair. All hair is donated, sold, or exchanged freely and fairly. Donors benefit from selling hair as it is a supplementary source of income that does not require any labor. Many hair salons also choose to sell hair instead of disposing it into the waste stream, accumulation of which causes numerous environmental problems.

Business DevelopmentFactory roots go back to 2005 when the team started in a small workshop with only nine employees. Today, it employs over 200 staff in two large locations. The main reason the factory has enjoyed stable growth trajectory is due to a core focus on end-user experience coupled with organizational efficiency. The owner’s keen attention to detail at every manufacturing stage has created a culture of care and craftsmanship that the employees are proud to be a part of.

Fast Shipping At glunahair.com, we usually ship within 1 business day and the average transit time for standard shipping is three to five business days to the United States and three to seven days to Europe.

Affordable PriceThey are affordable and cause absolutely NO damage to your own hair. You can have longer, thicker, and more beautiful hair than ever before, in just a matter of minutes!

Our Packaging Because environment is a top priority at GLUNA Hair, our human hair extensions are packaged in an elegant and recyclable box. Designed to be durable, the package can be reused and serve a reminder that caring about our planet can be stylish.